Whitetail Deer

Texas Whitetail Hunting Season

Hunting Season: October-February
Non-Resident License: $320
Non-Resident Youth(under 16): $7

DropTine Ranch is strictly a native game ranch there is no livestock or exotic animals on the ranch all exotic and non indigenous species hunting is done off the ranch and locally.

Texas Outfitters Monster Buck Hunt

We are proudly entering our 23th year of offering the very best deer hunts in Texas. We are 100% opportunity on our hunts a record unsurpassed by any other outfitter. The setting at DropTine Ranch is second to none to hunt giant whitetails. The ranch is strictly managed for deer and nothing else, no game farm setting or livestock just whitetail deer. Be prepared it does get cold and we do get some snow every year. Book your hunt with us and enjoy the best whitetail hunting in the country! Click here to view our trophy bucks photo gallery.

Call for Dates and Availability

  • Monster Buck and unlimited varmints
  • 5-Star accommodations, Meals, Open Bar, Daily Maid Service, Private Cabin, Guide, Trophy Preparation plus all the amenities of the DropTine Ranch.
  • 3-Day Hunt: Arrive at noon on Day 1 and leave by Noon on Day 3.
  • Hunt Cost:
$5,500 Buck up-to 160 SCI
$7,500 Buck up-to 180 SCI
$9,500 Buck up-to 200 SCI
$12,500 Buck up-to 220 SCI
$15,000 Buck up-to 250 SCI
$20,000 Buck up-to 300 SCI
$25,000 Buck over 300 SCI
  • Guests are $150 per day.
  • Airport Transportation from either San Antonio or Austin $300

Texas Outfitters Trophy Management Buck Hunts

We are proud to offer three classes of Trophy Management Buck hunts at the DropTine Ranch. The ranch has been intensely managed for the last several years with the main objective to allow the bucks attain maturity which is typically 6 years or older before we harvest them. Sometimes we decide for various reasons to harvest some bucks before that age.

The most frequently asked question every potential hunter asks is what is a management buck. Simply put, it is a mature whitetail buck that is 5 years old or older that a hunter on a trophy hunt is typically going to pass up as they are paying 2-3 times the price of a management hunt. However, 95% of the deer hunting population would shoot these bucks as trophy bucks anywhere else in the country. The pictures in our

Management Buck Photo Gallery will give you a good idea of what we will be hunting. These hunts are 1 on 1 with your guide pointing out which bucks you may harvest. We do not guarantee scores but do guarantee you will shoot a Texas Outfitters Drop Tine Ranch Trophy Management Buck!

DropTine Ranch Trophy Management Hunt

Silver Hunt: $2000 for Cull Buck and doe
Gold hunt: $3500 Buck up to 140 B&C
Platinum Hunt: $4500 Buck up to 150 B&C

  • Trophy Management Buck and Unlimited Varmints
  • 5-Star Accommodations, Meals, Open Bar, Guide and Trophy Preparation plus all the amenities of the DropTine Ranch.
  • 3 day hunt: Arrive at noon on day 1 and leave at noon on day 3.
  • Guests $150 per Day
  • Airport Transportation from either San Antonio or Austin $300
 Frank, I really enjoyed hunting with you and taking a super whitetail...I look forward to doing it again with you in the future...what a beautiful ranch and tons of deer!

Dwight Van Brun
Senior VP Kimber America
 What a great hunt I had a blast...5 guys and 2 cameras in the blind to film a fantastic hunt.

Scott Schultz
Scent Blocker