The DropTine Ranch is strictly a native game ranch and we do not have any Exotics on the ranch we do have exclusive rights to hunt on a few ranches within easy driving distance to hunt many species of exotics. In particular we have the best Axis Deer hunts in the world the record book speaks for itself. Check it out on the recent news link on the right. If you do not see an animal on the list below that you would like to hunt please call and we will get a price for you.

Monster Axis Deer Hunt!

"The biggest free ranging Axis I have ever seen"

-- Craig Boddington, Fall 2005

During the months of June-August which is considered to be the peak of the rut for Axis Deer we host Monster Axis Deer hunts. The state of Texas has more Axis Deer than India which is the country of origin for these magnificent deer. A true monster will typically weigh 250 lbs and have horns over three feet long making for an extremly impressive animal to hunt. They are known to be more wild than the whitetails. For those of you who are looking for an exciting hunt during the "off season" in North America this is truly a great adventure.

Exotics Hunts Trophy Fees

The following is a list of the exotics that are available to hunt on several ranches close by the DropTine Ranch.

Lodging, Meals, Open Bar, Guide and Trophy Preparation: $350 per day
Amenities: The daily rate includes the use of all the amenities available at the DropTine Ranch which include the following: Heated Pool & Jacuzzi, Gym, Fishing on 2 lakes & ponds; Trophy Room with pool table, fireplace and 60" HDTV.
Guests: $150 per day
Airport transportation from either San Antonio or Austin $300


Axis- $3750-7500 Desert Paint- $1750
Sable- $13000-18000
Aoudad- $3750 Eland- $6500
Scimitar Oryx- $5000-6500
Addax- $5500-6500 Elk- $7500 and up Sika- $3250
Bison- $5500
Fallow- $4500-6000
Texas Dall- $2000-3500
Blackbuck- $3000-3750
Gemsbok- $6900 Waterbuck- $6500
Black Hawaiian- $2000
Jacobs 4-Horn- $2500 Wildebeest- $6000
Mouflan- $4000 Zebra- $5500
Catalina Ram- $1750
Nilgai- $4000

Corsican- $1750
Red Stag- $7500 and Up

Dama Gazelle- $8000
Red Sheep $4000

If there is an animal you would like to hunt that is not on this list please let us know and we will see if it is available on another ranch close-by. Prices are subject to change without notice and based on availability other charges may apply.

 What a great time we had...the hunting was great and so were the facilities and the friendship...the nicest I have ever seen...I will be back with a bunch of my buddies.

Randy Rust
Professional Hunter
Grand Junction, CO