Hunter Services & Staff


Every hunter and guest at the DropTine ranch will be assigned a guide during their hunt. Each guide is experienced with all aspects of the hunt as well as all the amenities of the ranch ensuring that each hunter and guest will maximize their use and enjoyment of the ranch and its facilities.

Trophy Preparation

All hunting activities on the ranch include the services of our staff who will also process your game. We will de-bone all the meat and freeze it for you to take home with you or to donate to a number of charities that we use. If you are flying commercial airlines to the ranch you may take your meat on the plane in a cooler as long as it is frozen and does not have ice in the cooler. We also have a professional meat processor in town who can professionally process your game and ship it to your home. This service is extra and a price will be quoted at the time of your hunt. If you harvest an animal that you want mounted we will skin the animal as you wish and cut the horns and salt them for you to take wih you. All of these services are included in the price of your hunt.They do not include tipping the staff for these services.


If you are traveling or just prefer to have your meat, hide and horns shipped to you we can take care of that as well. However, there will be a fee for this service and it will be quoted at the time of your hunt.

Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation is available round trip to San Antonio International airport. Fees will be quoted at the time of your booking.

Our Staff

We only employ true professionals to run our ranch. Every staff member has formal training for the jobs and tasks they perform at the ranch. Our spa personnel are all licensed, our guides are well trained and have many years of experience and our taxidermists are certified. This ensures that you our guests are well taken care of and will thoroughly enjoy their experience with us. When we say, "Where Dreams Live...and Memories forever Made", we mean it!

Staff Tips

Tipping is something that we encourage each guest to take seriously as our staff relies on their tip as a big part of their compensation and is a great way for you to show your appreciation for a job well done. As a guideline each guest should expect to leave a standard 15% tip to be split amongst the staff who helped you during your stay. This is separate from the spa services or any other service that may be required or hired by our guests that are not part of any package in which case that should be treated separately. On groups of 4 or more we require a 15% gratuity be added to the price of your trip that will be paid to staff as you request at the end of your stay. It has been our experience that our guests have been more generous than the guideline and is encouraged if you have been completely satisfied with your experience.