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Fall 2010

Change is the central theme of this news letter. As some of you may know I went through a divorce that lasted two years and is one of the reasons I have not been actively updating the website and keeping you informed of developments on the ranch and with Texas Outfitters. The good news is that the turmoil is over and things are great at the ranch.

We have had an excellent year with rain and range conditions were perfect for growing big deer this year. So if you are sitting on the fence about a hunt this year I strongly encourage you to book a hunt and go as this will be a banner year in South Texas. Take a look at my new Scout Cam pictures for 2010 and you will agree there are some phenomenal deer this year.

Due to the increase demand for the DropTine Ranch experience we have expanded our lodge yet again and now have 13 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 35 guests at any one time. Every room is equipped with central air and heat with HD TV's and Directv service we also have Wifi around the entire headquarters. Our goal is to make the experience at the ranch the number 1 choice in south Texas and there really is nothing in south Texas that compares to the accommodations and experience of the DropTine Ranch.

The Dove season thus far has been terrific and we expect it to remain so the rest of the season. We will start deer hunting in a few weeks and as I stated earlier and by judging our Scout Cam pics the hunting will be tremendous this year. I do have some hunts left at DropTine and have secured another ranch to hunt deer also. We expect to shoot deer in the 200 class this year so if you are looking for a monster buck this year now is the time to do it. In mid-January thru March we will shift gears and start hunting hogs. They have been another major beneficiary of all the rains and we have more hogs and bigger hogs than we ever have. All in all this should be one of the best hunting seasons south Texas has offered in a long time so get out and book your hunt today!

Some of you may have noticed that I no longer have the 800-TEX-HUNT number. Unbelievably with today's technology and changes in the portability of phone numbers ATT informed me that after 16 years they would not allow me to port the 800 number to a new phone service and package I implemented. When ATT bought SBC they still operate as separate companies and I moved to the SBC side and ATT refused to port the number even though they are the SAME company...unreal. Then after a several month disagreement with them over this issue and several attempts to port the number they decided to take the number from me. Therefore, my new number is the ranch number 830-334-5800.

Have a great fall and don't forget to add DropTine Ranch to your plans.

Spring 2009

We just completed our 16th year of offering hunts in south Texas. While others claim that every year things are better we can actually prove that this was our best year ever by looking at our updated photo galleries on the website. Jim Webb of Sebring Florida led the way with a beautiful 190 class whitetail one of 11 bucks we harvested scoring over 150 B&C. The best is yet to come as we counted over 25 bucks after the season that should qualify for trophy buck status for this coming deer season.

Currently we are in full swing with our "South Texas Rhino", Wild Hog Hunts and we are having a banner season. We have shot several huge Boars and conditions are right for us to continue to harvest these monsters of the brush. It is not too late to book one of these hunts so give us a call if you would like to hunt these critters.

Our Spring Turkey hunts will be starting toward the end of March and will run through the first weekend in May. Currently we have some openings and are expecting a good season we do offer hog hunting with our turkey hunts so if you are contemplating a hunt for either species you might want to consider a combination hunt during the month of April.

Starting the last weekend of May we will be conducting our Monster Axis hunts so if you have not booked one of these hunts now is the time to do it. This is a great hunt done during the traditional off season and is a great animal to add to your trophy collection. We have re-written the record book on these animals take a look at the photo gallery in the Exotics section to see some of these trophies. The hunt is for 4 days but we typically get it done in 2 days or less. The total price including everything but tipping your guide is $3000.

If you have any questions about these or any of our other hunts please send us an e-mail or give us a ring and we look forward to hosting a true South Texas Hunting Adventure for you in the near future.

Summer 2008

As we move into the heat and the dog days of summer...everyone is dreaming of colder weather and the start of the hunting season. We at the DropTine Ranch are extremely busy feeding, farming and scouting for the upcoming hunting season and are extremely excited about the hunting prospects for the season. We have seen many great deer and with the very best wildlife management plan in place we will out produce all the other ranches and outfitters this year. If you haven't hunted with us before make yourself a Texas Outfitters client. We have been hosting hunts for over 15 years and offer the very best hunting and client service you will find anywhere and not just in Texas but anywhere in the world. For a truly first class experience become a client and hunt with the professionals there is a huge difference.

Summer Hunt Specials

The Dove season is right around the corner and we have some choice dates available. The special White Wing Dove season is on Saturday and Sunday September 6-7 and September 13-14. We have openings both weekends. Arrive on Friday afternoon Skeet Shoot, Swim and enjoy the amenities. Dove hunt on Saturday and Sunday leaving the ranch on Sunday afternoon.

The normal price is $750 per hunter the discounted price is $500 with payment due in full upon booking the hunt.

Trail Cams

This is an exciting time of year as we are in the process of placing trail cams around the ranch. Check back frequently for updated photos of the deer and hogs we capture on film. We would love to hear from you so give us feedback on the pictures.

Have a great summer!

Frank L. Fackovec

Summer 2007

Finally after 5 years we have created a website devoted strictly to the DropTine Ranch. In putting together the site we attempted to make it as user friendly as possible yet give you enough content to get a true feel as to how great the DropTine Ranch is as a hunting and vacation destination in south Texas.

Two sections are currently under construction and will be upgraded very soon. The first is the on-line store for now anything you would like to purchase you must contact us directly to make the purchase soon you will be able to purchase items on-line. Secondly, we are working on the video clips and they will be ready for your viewing enjoyment in the near future.

The tool bar on the right under Ranch News the content will be the same throughout the website. Under the Book A Hunt section on the right the pictures and testimonials correspond to the page you are viewing. If you are on the Whitetail Deer hunts section the pictures and testimonials correspond to that page. If you are in the Hog/Predator page then the pictures and testimonials correspond to that page this is true for all the sections on the site.

We are planning on keeping the site current and continuously add content so make sure you put our site on your tool bar and check our site frequently for new information and look for our hunt specials in the Recent News column each month. I encourage everyone to give me feedback after you have reviewed our site and let me know what you think or have any suggestions.

We are excited to launch the website and look forward to seeing each of you on one of our great packages.

Hunt Specials For July

The Dove season is right around the corner and we have some choice dates available. The special white wing Dove season is on Saturday and Sunday September 1-2 and September 8-9

We have openings on both weekends. Arrive on Friday afternoon skeet shoot, enjoy the facilities and have dinner with us. Dove hunt Saturday and Sunday and leave the ranch Sunday after breakfast which will be served after the mourning hunt.

The normal price is $750 per hunter our very first DropTine Ranch Hunt Special is $600 per hunter. There are a limited number of hunts available and full payment is due upon booking the hunt.

Have a great summer!

September 2006

Here we are another hunting season is upon us and we are looking forward to giving all of you the very best in a true South Texas hunting experience. Be on the look out for our new show with Craig Boddington on Petersen's Hunting Adventure TV airing on the Outdoor channel September 19 at 11 PM, September 21 at 10 am, September 24 at 4 PM all times are eastern standard check your local listings. This is an action packed and exciting show you will not want to miss!

We continue to add to a very impressive portfolio of ranches in the immediate vicinity of DropTine ranch to give our clients even more hunting choices. We have a new high fenced property that has a herd of Elk that was established in 1974. This is truly an exciting and wild hunt for monster Elk weighing up to 900 lbs and scoring in the mid 300's. We are offering a very limited number of hunts for this year with prices starting at $2500 for a management bull to $7500 for our largest Elk this is truly a great deal!

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